Moab Videos!

Moab Videos!

Jan 09

Here are a few video links I have.  More coming!

YouTube videos! Oh yeah!  Here are
some clips from a trip to Moab in ’07.

At the time I had a 4″ TerraFlex lift, stock differentials, and front sway bar


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  1. Dru

    I used to run the T/A KO’s on my ’98 Wrangler Sport, they are a nice tire but mine wore out really fast. When they were bald I put on a lift, new wheles and 33 10.5 BF Goodrich mud terrain KM2 tires. They are a nice looking mud tire that still runs very quiet on paved roads, I didn’t notice any difference in tire noise between the T/A KO’s and the KM2 s. They have them in a ton of sizes so I’m sure you could find them in the size you need. The best part is that so far I’ve put 20,000 miles on my KM2 s and the tread has gone from 19/32 to about 7/16 with mostly highway driving and rotations every 3,000 miles including the spare, so it looks like they will have a pretty respectable tread life.

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